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 Stand up Sunbed

Our  0.3 sunbed tubes are compliant with EUs (sccp) limit,

 0.3 tanning sessions deliver the same tanning effect as the Mediterranean sun ensuring that the tanning is gentler, safer and the tan lasts longer.


One off session

3 Minutes                                                                   £4.00

6 Minutes                                                                   £6.00

9 Minutes                                                                   £8.50

12 Minutes                                                                 £10.00


30 Minutes                                                               £20.00

60 Minutes                                                                £40.00

14 day unlimited                                                      £35.00


Courses are valid  for 3 months from purchase date.

can also be booked online !

We do advice to pre book your sunbed sessions, this can be done online or by calling the salon 

9 mins max

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