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Please  speak to your therapist if you have any health concerns or are on any medication before any of our treatments.

This page is a quick self consultation page for you to check before you  book our Comcit  facial  treatment online,

Our comcit treatment requires some medical history before it can be carried out, please read through the consultation form before you book as we would like to make sure that the treatment is suitable and can be carried out safety, 

a full consultation will be carried out by your therapist in the salon before your treatment, 

If you have any of these contraindications the comcit cannot be carried out safely and should not be booked.  

* Diabetes 

* Auto immune disease

* Taking blood thinners

* Pregnancy 

* Keloid scaring (on area to be treated)

* Epilepsy 

* Hypersensitivity 

* T hrombosis 

* Active acne 

* Rosacea 

* Skin cancer 

The safety of our clients and making sure you get the best possible treatments and results is our priority 

(if you have any of these contraindications but still book the treatment you may be charged even through the treatment will not carried out) 

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